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Device identified as sunset part.

The Problem

  • Main power switching devices identified as ‘sunset’ part
  • Original part seen as ‘weak’.

Challenges for SET

  • Major high value component/assembly with potential for significant commercial impact
  • EMC implications
  • Ensuring new IGBTs would operate within safe limits during worst case conditions
  • Predicting the service life of alternatives


  • Two alternatives validated via on-vehicle trials including: EMC & Thermal
  • Lab tests to demonstrate operation within design limits
  • Duty cycle tests to predict service life
  • Close links established with component manufacturers to ensure all technical requirements & risks were understood. This also allowed SET models and predictions to be independently scrutinised

  • Two validated alternatives with significant improvements in predicted service life compared to original part
  • Comprehensive report
  • Aspects of SET’s work were independently assessed and validated by Lloyds Register Rail

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