Responsive Solution Delivery

SET services

Drawing on our extensive experience of product development and the repair of equipment operating in harsh environments, SET offers our customers a full investigative service for ongoing and 'one-off' maintenance problems. Our R&D engineers have a proven track record of providing insight into problems that have previously evaded resolution, and have offered and implemented practical and cost-effective solutions.



Intelligent Investigation


Our range of services includes:

  • Root cause analysis of component and board level failure and intermittent operation
  • Laboratory testing of components and assemblies
  • Simulation and modelling of components to give expected life predictions
  • Vibration tests to find resonant modes and trace causes of premature failure of components
  • EMC consultancy and testing, including whole train emission tests
  • Statistical analysis of equipment failures to identify areas for investigation
  • Use of datalogging to provide insight into actual conditions experienced by troublesome equipment
Why we stay ahead
Our successful approach to problem solving is derived from a high level of engineering expertise, a scientific approach, and practical, hands-on experience.


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